Command Line Usage

Usage: eskil [options] [files...]
  [options]  See below.
  [files...] Files to be compared

  If no files are given, the program is started anyway and you can select
  files from within. If only one file is given, the program looks for version
  control of the file, and if found, runs in version control mode.
  If directories are given, Eskil starts in directory diff.

  To list all options matching a prefix, run 'eskil --query prefix'.
  In tcsh use this line to get option completion:
  complete eskil 'C/-/`eskil --query -`/'

-            : Read patch file from standard input, to allow pipes
-a <file>    : Give ancestor <file> for three way merge
-b           : Ignore space changes (default)
-block       : Full block analysis. This can be slow if there are large change
-browse      : Bring up file dialog for missing files after starting
-char        : Character based change view (default)
-clip        : Start in clip diff mode. Ignores other args
-close       : Close any window with no changes
-conflict    : Treat file as a merge conflict file and enter merge mode
-context <n> : Show only differences, with <n> lines of context
-cvs         : Detect CVS first, if multiple version systems are used
-debug       : Start in debug mode
-dir         : Start in directory diff mode. Ignores other args
-excludedir <v> : Exclude from directory diff
-excludefile <v> : Exclude from directory diff
-fine        : Use fine grained chunks. Useful for merging
-foreach     : Open one diff window per file listed
-fourway     : Start in fourway diff mode. Ignores other args
-gz          : Uncompress input files with gunzip
-i           : Ignore case changes
-includedir <v> : Include in directory diff
-includefile <v> : Include in directory diff
-limit <lines> : Do not process more than <lines> lines
-line        : Line based block analysis
-maxwidth <v> : Limit column width in table mode
-nocase      : Ignore case changes
-nocdiff     : Disable C version of DiffUtil. For debug
-nodiff      : Do not run diff after startup
-nodigit     : Ignore digit changes
-noempty     : Ignore empty lines initially for matching
-noignore    : Don't ignore any whitespace
-nokeyword   : In directory diff, ignore $ Keywords: $
-nonewline   : Try to ignore newline changes
-nonewline+  : Try to ignore newline changes, and don't display
-noparse     : No block analysis
-o <file>    : Specify merge result output <file>
-patch       : View patch file
-pivot <v>   : Pivot setting for diff algorithm (10)
-plugin <v>  : Preprocess files using plugin
-pluginallow : Allow full access privilege for plugin
-plugindump <v> : Dump plugin source to stdout
-plugininfo <v> : Pass info to plugin (plugin specific)
-pluginlist  : List known plugins
-prefix <str> : Care mainly about words starting with <str>
-preprocess <pair> : The <pair> is a list of RE+Subst applied to each line
                     before compare
-preprocessleft <pair> : Use <pair> only on left side
-preprocessright <pair> : Use <pair> only on right side
-print <v>   : Generate PDF and exit
-printCharsPerLine <v> : Adapt font size for this line length and wrap (80)
-printColorChange <v> : Color for change (1.0 0.7 0.7)
-printColorNew <v> : Color for new text (0.8 0.8 1.0)
-printColorOld <v> : Color for old text (0.7 1.0 0.7)
-printFont <fontfile> : Select font to use in PDF, afm or ttf. If <fontfile> is
                        given as "Courier", PDF built in font is used
-printHeaderSize <v> : Font size for page header (10)
-printPaper <v> : Select paper size (a4)
-r <v>       : Version info for version control mode
-review      : View revision control tree as a patch
-sep <c>     : See char <c> as separator between columns in files
-server      : Set up Eskil to be controllable from the outside
-smallblock  : Do block analysis on small blocks (default)
-subst <pair> : The <pair> is a list of Left+Right, used for subst preprocessing
-svn         : Detect SVN first, if multiple version systems are used
-table       : Run in table mode
-w           : Ignore all spaces
-word        : Word based change view